We do allow airsoft to be played at our facility.
$15 per player
We do not provide any guns.
You must come with your own.
We do stock pellets, batteries, Co2 cartriges, goggles, masks, etc...
Specific Airsoft Rules and guidelines
1. Reservations are required for airsoft. We do not have open airsoft play. Please make sure you come with a group.
2. Full face mask that covers eyes, ears, nose and mouth must be warn at all times. Nothing mesh (Other fields are still playing paintball, you have to be protected in case a ball goes over/through netting. )
3. You will be required to play by the safety rules our field mandates.
4. All guns must be orange tipped.
Orange tape is fine
5. Magazines must be removed from guns when not on playing fields.
6. Airsoft is not allowed on the airball field

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(No additional players after 4:00pm)