All our prices are priced per person. We do not offer group rates.
You can purchase online in advance.
Includes: Mask, Gun, All day air, 500 paintballs, Private play and Unlimited playing time up until closing. Need more paint?, see paint prices below.
Paint Prices
200 Paintballs
500 Paintballs
1000 Paintballs
2000 Paintballs
You cannot bring your own paintballs. We are field paint only!
(You will be ejected from our park if using non authorized paintballs!)
Yes, you can bring your own gear.
Having your own gear means you have the following with your gun.
(HPA Tank (we do not service/fill co2 tanks), Hopper, Barrel Cover)
Not having any of those items will cost extra.
Own Gear Fee:
HPA Tank Rental:
Barrel Cover Purchase:
Basic Hopper Purchase: