Try your defenses inside the bus. Lots of bunkers and rabbit trails to move through. Paintballs will be flying from every direction.
"The Siege"
Test you skills attacking or defending the castle. You have 5 minutes to either pull the flag in front of the castle or to defend it. This fast paced game will get your heart pumping with adrenaline for sure. Try both sides and "Siege" or "be Sieged"
  This is our staple field. Just as the name states it is a wasteland out there. This field is raw and feels like it has been run down over many years. "It Has". This field has a lot of different playing situations. The woods, in the forts, and the opening with 5 partially covered structures. Every game will feel different.
Home to the Diversity paintballl team. Use our contact page to set up a scrimmage against any of the home.
We are looking fo a couple teams to make our place your home. Contact us if you are interested, great benefits.
This field is regulation 5 man NXL and NCPA standards
and artificially turfed.
"Lost City"
This field is perfect for flanking. Shoot across the dead zone or flank the opponent from the sides. Be ready for possible close quarter combat. It's the only way to win.